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We are proud to serve our community in Florida. With Kids Incorporated, your child will thrive and uncover the joy of educational development. We offer a healthy and safe environment meant to help guide your child through their educational journey. Our goal is to nurture your children into the little innovators they are meant to be. You can count on us to offer stability and peace of mind and every family experiences just that when entrusting us to guide the minds of the future. We are grateful you have landed on our page and look forward to assisting you in your child’s educational development.


Now Offering Brightwheel Communication for Parents/Teachers


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Our Environment

We offer an engaging and comprehensive environment for your children. Check out our convenient locations below.

315 S. Florida Ave
Wauchula, Florida 33873
(863) 767-1070

Kids Inc. The Nest
815 E. Main St.
Wauchula, FL 33873
(863) 773-3012

Kids Inc. Bowling Green
4910 Church Ave.
Bowling Green, FL 33834
(863) 375-2800

132 S. 10th. Street
Wauchula, Fl. 33873
(863) 767-0053

15 SE Pine Avenue
Fort Meade, Florida 33841
(863) 285-9763

Learn By Doing

Our Learn Every Day curriculum combines high-quality instruction and high-quality free play. Combining both together makes them richer and more effective together. We focus on multi-sensory activities which helps differentiate our curriculum from others. In addition, we encourage family engagement to help solidify your child’s educational foundation.


Kids Inc’s Mission & Vision

At Kids Inc. we provide an optimal developmentally appropriate program, in a safe and nurturing environment, focusing on the whole child while promoting responsible citizenship.


Thomas Trevino

I have a passion to inspire/ impact the lives of children in our community and beyond. Building the character traits within our children that promote positive decision making begins with education.


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Locations: Wauchula, The Nest, Bowling Green,  Fort Meade & Hardee

Email: info@kids-inc.org